Firing Line Debate on Why Has America Retreated From Marriage and What Can We Do About It?
Lecture by Yuval Levin on "Beyond Meritocracy"
Ninth Annual Conference
Seminar with Jay Winik
Lecture by Yuval Levin on "Institutions in Flux"
Lecture by Ajit Pai on “The FCC: Free Markets and Free Speech”
Lecture by Margaret Hoover
Firing Line Debate on Abortion
Seminar with Nicholas Christakis
Seminar with Anthony Kronman on "The Assault on American Excellence"
Conversation with Nick Rosenkranz and Jonathan Haidt
Fall Semester Seminar on “Why Institutions Matter”
Lecture by Yuval Levin on "The Invisible Crisis"
August Seminar with Robert Bartlett on Aristotle
DC Summer Reception
NYC Summer Reception
June Reunion Weekend Breakfast Discussion
May Reunion Weekend Breakfast Discussion
Hit Me With Your Best Shot: The Top Attacks on Conservatism
5th Annual Disinvitation Dinner
Lecture by Jeff Flake on "Is the Polarization of Politics the New Normal"
Seminar with Mona Charen
Firing Line Debate on Saudi Arabia
An Elephant and Its Trump: Thoughts on Conservatism and Populism
Spring Break Seminar with Bruce Caldwell
Conversation with Judge Ken Starr
How "Progressive" is Progressivism?
Seminar with Noah Rothman
Talk with Jonah Golberg
Liberalism vs. Neoliberalism: Why is Socialism Popular Again?
Second Annual Ideas Forum
The Endless Quest for Social Equality
January Seminar with Catherine Zuckert

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