1st Place: Elliot Harding: “Student Security: A Viable, Conservative Solution to America’s Student Debt & Social Security Crisis” (presentation videopublication)

Proposed allowing student loan forgiveness for those willing to delay their age of retirement and eligibility for Social Security benefits.

2nd Place: Nicholas Phillips: “A Conservative Response to the Student Debt Crisis” (presentation video)

Outlined a front-end solution to the student debt crisis.

3rd Place: William Mattox: “The Redistricting Lottery: How to Prevent the ‘Unbiased’ Harvard Faculty from Covert Gerrymandering” (presentation video)

Suggested methods by which states might remedy partisan gerrymandering controversies without deferring to an “unbiased” group of biased administrators.


1st Place: John Hirschauer: “Reimagining the Southbury Training School” (presentation videopublication)

Suggested reconsidering the role of a state institution in Connecticut for persons with disabilities after a decades-long flirtation with aggressive deinstitutionalization policies.

2nd Place: Yair Strachman: “Taxes and Social Responsibility: A Proposal to Restore Our Communal Institutions” (presentation video)

Proposed allowing taxpayers to donate all of their taxable tax income to non-profit organizations to decentralize the delivery of social safety net services.

3rd Place: Paul Forrester: “A New Frontier: Why the United States Should Withdraw from the Outer Space Treaty” (presentation video)

Laid out practical proposal for changing U.S. space policy and our various obligations in outer space.

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