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Student Leadership Board

Ryan Gapski '24


Ryan is a junior in Pierson College majoring in History. He is in the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy, studies the Portuguese language, and is interested in intellectual history, moral theology, education, and Latin America. Originally from San Diego, he enjoys hiking, reading, and watching movies in his spare time. At Yale, Ryan is involved with the Buckley Program, the Federalist Party, and Catholic life on campus. He hopes to attend law school after graduation.


Libby Snowden '24


Libby Snowden is a junior in Berkeley College majoring in Chemistry. Most recently from Norfolk, Virginia, Libby’s experiences moving across the country have made her particularly interested in hearing from all different perspectives. Passionate about the value of free expression, she’s served on the Buckley Student Board for two years and has interned at the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression. Outside of Buckley, she performs physical chemistry research in the Johnson Lab, tutors advanced general chemistry, and is a Berkeley College Aide.


Anshul Guha '25


Anshul Guha is a sophomore in Davenport College from Montgomery, New Jersey, currently pursuing a BS/MS degree in Math and a BS in Economics. His main interests lie in public policy, pure mathematics, and econometric modeling. Eventually, he hopes to attend law school and transition into public work at the intersection of law and finance. When he isn't playing with numbers, you can find him hiking or playing with his dogs.


Trevor MacKay '25


Trevor MacKay is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight College from Castleton, Vermont majoring in History with a specialization in war and society. After Yale, he hopes to study constitutional law. When not working with his fellow Buckley Board members, he can be found on the floor of the Tory Party of the Yale Political Union debating matters of politics and philosophy, rewatching Star Wars movies, and indulging in the traditional beverage of his forefathers: scotch whiskey.

Aron Ravin '24


Aron is a junior in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in History, originally from Queens, NYC. Now based in Stamford, CT, he has previously written for National Review and served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Beacon. He is also a Sometime Chairman of the Party of the Right and formerly represented the Right Coalition in the Yale Political Union. You can easily find him in the gym, studying law and theology, or arguing over a game of Monikers.


Sahar Tartak '26


Sahar Tartak is a freshman in Pierson College from Great Neck, New York. On campus, she is involved with Chabad at Yale and teaches lessons with Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons (SNUGS). In her free time, Sahar loves to dance (usually to Beatles tunes in her suite common room) and hear what people have to say about life and politics (hence her love for the Buckley Program). You can find her at Shabbat dinner to chat about any of the above, and more! 

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Braxton Buff '24


Braxton Buff is a Junior in Davenport College studying American History. From Georgia, Braxton is an avid Braves fan follows baseball while playing on the Yale Club Baseball team. At Yale, Braxton is a member of the Yale Political Union's Conservative Party and hopes to pursue a career in geopolitical research or government service after university. At home, he enjoys amateur mapmaking, gardening, and exploring the many natural and historical sites in and around Atlanta.


Isha Brahmbhatt '24


Isha is a junior in Morse College from Ardsley, New York, studying Ethics, Politics, and Economics. At Yale, Isha has held leadership roles in the Yale Tory Party, India@Yale club, and South Asian Society. An avid tea connoisseur, Isha enjoys reading about British history, doing jigsaw puzzles, or jamming out on her drum set in her free time.

William Barbee '26


William Barbee is a freshman in Silliman College double-majoring in History and Theater Studies. Despite growing up in New York City, he moved to Washington, DC at age 12, a circumstance that gave him a late but thorough introduction to the world of politics. Besides his love of history and politics, William is also heavily involved in the performing arts scene on campus, acting in several productions for the screen and stage. He hopes to maintain immersion in both fields throughout his time at Yale.


Tasha Dambacher '24


Tasha Dambacher is a sophomore in Morse College, majoring in History with a concentration on Cultural History. On campus, Tasha serves as Curriculum Director for the Urban Debate League, and debates for the Yale Debate Association. She also works on initiatives to provide legal assistance for Venezuelan immigrants. In her free time, she can be found binging Yellowstone or cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Gabriel Diamond ’24


Gabriel Diamond is a junior in Branford College studying Political Science. He is a member of the Alexander Hamilton Society and a fellow for the Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative. Gabriel currently works as a research intern for the Hudson Institute with their Initiative on American Energy Security. In his spare time, you can find him in the gym or reading about Middle East history and politics.

William Wang ’26


Will is a first-year in Morse College from New York City. He plans to study history and global affairs. He joined the Navy ROTC program after seeing "Top Gun: Maverick" for the fourth time. Outside of classes, he loves performing magic, skateboarding, and indulging in Christopher Nolan films.

Noah Riley ’24


Noah Riley is a junior in Timothy Dwight College studying Economics and Mathematics. At Yale, he is the student manager of the Varsity Baseball team and writes for a comedy magazine on campus called Times New Roman. Civic duties of being from the Chicago area include enjoyment of activities like baseball, cornhole, disc golf and bowling; he also enjoys playing saxophone and piano. Currently, he is the reigning, 3-time intramural cornhole champion and will continue to lead TD IMs to victory.


Arav Dalwani ’26


Arav Dalwani is a freshman in Ezra Stiles College from Mumbai, India. He hopes to major in Computer Science and Economics and intends on studying the intersection of law and technology in the future. He is also a staff writer for the Yale Record. In his free time, he enjoys going on hikes, reading all kinds of Wikipedia article and watching soccer games.  

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