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Kevin Swain '20 


Alexander Sikorski '20 

Vice President

Kevin is a senior in Saybrook College majoring in History. He hails from Grand Haven, Michigan, which was named the happiest seaside town in America by Coastal Living in 2017. He’s spending next summer working in finance in Boston, and is a passionate Michigan football fan. At Yale, he writes for The Politic and referees intramural sports, and his trivia team gets fifth or sixth place at Mory’s Trivia Night almost weekly.

Weaver Lilley '21 

Speakers Director

Alexander Sikorski is a senior in Pierson College majoring in Philosophy and History. He is a friendly character interested in debating all aspects of politics, philosophy and international relations. At Yale he is a member of the Tory Party of the Yale Political Union, where he tries to convince his friends that neo-conservative globalism isn't really all that bad. He has also worked for the CT Governor's campaign of Mike Handler, hosted a political talk show on WYBC Yale Radio, and spent summers abroad studying German and Ukrainian. Alexander hails from deep in the Polish countryside and retains a strong affinity for the glory days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Weaver Lilley is a junior in Pauli Murray College studying history. He hails from Washington, DC and is an avid fan of the Washington Nationals, and Winston Churchill. At Yale, he is involved in the Yale Political Union, working on political campaigns, and various programs focused on studying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Weaver hopes to work in politics or national security following graduation.

Jake Fischer '20 

Member Engagement Director

Jake is a senior Eli Whitney student and Army veteran. He studies Global Affairs, with the future goal of graduating from law school. While attending community college in Sacramento before Yale, Jake completed internships for Yale Law alumni Governor Jerry Brown and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. In addition to the Buckley Program, he assists veterans with the transition to college through the nonprofit, Service To School, and competes on the Model UN Team at Yale. In his free time, Jake is an avid mixed martial arts fan and volunteers with Camp Kesem.

Hannah Manz '21 

Publicity Director

Hannah Manz is a junior in Trumbull College studying Economics and Energy Studies. A proud Midwesterner, Hannah has lived in North Dakota her whole life, where she has enjoyed some involvement in both local and state politics. In addition to the Buckley Program, she is an active volunteer in the New Haven community and is involved with Saint Thomas More, the Women’s Leadership Initiative, and Yale Well. Hannah loves watching sports, trying new restaurants, traveling, and sunsets.

Adam Rothman '22 

Social Media Director

Adam Rothman is a sophomore in Trumbull College planning to major in Cognitive Science. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Adam plays for Yale’s club rugby and ice hockey teams. His primary academic interests are in behavioral economics and moral psychology, admiring thinkers like Jonathan Haidt and Steven Pinker.  Adam is diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan and connoisseur of bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.

Kobe Rizk '21 

Membership Director

Kobe Rizk is a member of the class of 2021 and belongs to Ezra Stiles College. He enjoys reading, exploring New England, and aerial photography. In his role as Membership Director, Kobe routinely reaches out to student fellows, helps organize on-campus events with guests, and works with the rest of the student board to make the Buckley Program as successful as it can be. Kobe majors in History and is originally from Fairbanks, Alaska.

Raphael Steiner '21 

Outreach Director

Raphael Steiner is a junior in Branford College who plans to double major in Political Science and Spanish. He's from New York City and attended Trinity School. In high school, he co-founded and moderated the school's political debate forum, Trinity Discourse, and spent a summer working at Vice News. Raphael also lived in Mumbai, India for six months during 7th grade. In his free time, he loves reading The Wall Street Journal, watching Arsenal and the Yankees, and playing soccer, basketball and ping pong. 

Jasper Boers '22 

Events Director

Jasper is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight College hoping to major in Ethics, Politics, &  Economics or Global Affairs. He is enjoying his second year in Directed Studies, and when he is not reading, he is debating at the Conservative Party or doing research for the Political Science Department. He loves reading from The American Conservative and enjoys learning about classic cars. Jasper hails from Maryland, and he maintains dual citizenship in the Netherlands, occasionally visiting family in Amsterdam.

Hovik Minasyan '22

Editor-in-Chief, The Beacon

Hovik Minasyan is a sophomore in Morse College interested in majoring in Political Science and Economics. Hailing from Los Angeles, Hovik is a proud member of the Tory Party and the Secretary of the Yale Political Union. He enjoys studying the Constitution, wishes to attend both law and business school, and eventually wants to be a corporate lawyer.